A guide for students completing Home Learning Resources

A reminder to all students that they should log onto the student Portal through the website and complete their lessons every day.

Please check your student email every day and send your work to your teachers.


All work for students is on the student portal online


  1. Students need to go onto the ‘Grace Academy Darlaston Academy Website’ – the address is https://darlaston.graceacademy.org.uk/
  2. Press the gold ‘portal’ button in the top right hand corner
  3. Login using their usual school ‘AC’ number – ALSO ADDING @darlaston.graceacademy.org.uk

Example:  AC1234567@darlaston.graceacademy.org.uk


  1. Students will then be asked to type in their password – if they have forgotten this please contact Reception.
  2. Once logged in they then need to click Resources near the top of the page
  3. Every subject folder is located there
  4. Every subject folder has a folder inside named Home Learning
  5. All work set to do at home is in there


Once the work is complete:

  1. Students can email staff with the work they have completed
  2. If it is paper based, students can take a photo of the work and email it to staff too.


For GCSEpod please follow below links for guidance:

GCSEPod Parent and student letter

GCSEPod Quick Start Guide


Any questions – please contact the Academy