What is it about?

This is a broad-based course exploring practical, critical and contextual work through a range of 2D and/or 3D processes and media.

Fine art: for example drawing, painting,

mixed media, sculpture, ceramics,

installation, printmaking, moving image

(Video, film, animation) and photography.

What will I be studying?

You can choose to focus on a specialist area of study from a variety of exciting processes and media to suit your individual interests and abilities

What skills will I learn?

Art, craft and design gives you the skills and knowledge to create personal and imaginative work. AS and A-level are practical courses in which you learn by doing, so you will be able to create imaginative personal work. You will find out about a whole range of media, techniques and processes. You will develop your creativity and independent thought, learn to express yourself visually and let your imagination flourish. Art, craft and design is a great companion to all other subjects as creativity, imagination and problem solving skills can give you great ideas for your other subjects.

How will I be assessed?

At AS you will produce a portfolio of work for component 1 which counts for 60% of your total AS marks. In component 2 you will produce personal work in response to one of five starting points which will count for 40% of your total AS marks.

At A-level for component 1 you will develop work for a personal investigation into an idea, issue, concept or theme supported by written material. This will count for 60% of your total A-level marks. In component 2 you will produce personal work in response to one of eight starting points which will count for 40% of your total A-level marks.

Where might it lead me?

This can result in degree opportunities and careers ranging from painting portraits to producing exotic fashion costumes or designing futuristic architecture. If you have an adventurous, creative and enquiring mind and are excited by shaping and determining the visual world around us, there is a career opportunity waiting for you.

Who can I ask for more information about this subject?

Miss Kaur in the Art Department will provide any further information required.

Where can find more information about A level Art?

The AQA website gives further details of the AS and A level specifications.

Are there any specific subject requirements?

GCSE in Art or require some drawing ability and interest in the subject and in line with other Academy expectations.

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