Student Rewards

At Grace Academy students will be rewarded and praised for their hard work and effort in a variety of ways from postcards, phone calls and letters home to Vivo Miles and special trips.

What are Vivo Miles?

Vivo Miles is one way our students are rewarded as they progress through life at Grace Academy. Staff award students in lessons and around the Academy with electronic points called Vivos – the ultimate student currency. Students can then spend their Vivos on an exciting range of products on the website.

Students can earn Vivos by progressing well in their lessons, showing one or more of our five values in action or improving their Literacy and Numeracy and enterprising skills in lessons. They can also earn rewards for out of hours learning, revision and making an outstanding contribution to academy life.

Spending Vivos

Students can then spend your Vivos on an exciting range of products such as:
• Top Up credit and high-street gift vouchers
• Cinema tickets
• Jewellery and watches
• Sports equipment
• Health and beauty items
• School and stationery products
• Computer games and electronic
• Gadgets

Please visit for more details of our amazing reward system at Grace Academy Darlaston.