About the course

Studying History at A-Level opens many doors for further study and opportunities. It allows students to develop their understanding of the events and personalities which have shaped the world that we currently live in.

The OCR specification has been designed to engage students with a wide range of topics which cover over 200 years of history.

Who is the course suitable for?

This course is suitable for students who wish to develop their historical knowledge as well as a wide range of skills and general understanding of the world around us.

If you have an interest in reading, research, writing and debating key issues then A-Level History is the right for you.

Entry Requirements

The requirements for this course are preferably a GCSE in History, however candidates with a Humanities related qualification will be considered.

Why Study?

Whilst studying History A-Level you have the opportunity to research and debate key issue in yesterday’s and today’s society. You could study medieval and early modern history or modern history which leads up to the late twentieth century. With the added bonus of the coursework option, students have the opportunity to investigate a problem, question, or issue which stems from their programme of study or look at an entirely new area of content.

Progression Opportunities

Many students who study A-Level History go on to higher education. A-Level History is the ideal background for careers in Law, Politics, Education and many more. The skills which are developed during A-Level are extremely transferable and promote life-long learning.

Why Grace Academy?

Grace Academy has a fully committed specialist History Department. Teachers are able to draw on a vast range of expertise to ensure the course is taught to a consistently high level.

Assessment Methods:

Assessment will be monitored on a regular bases against the criteria set by OCR. Students will be expected to work independently out of lesson hours and will need to monitor their own progress during this time. Students will be expected to undertake personal research and to take an active interest in topical debates.

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