About the course

Mathematics at AS and A Level is a course worth studying in its own right. It is stimulating, challenging, rewarding and interesting. It builds on work met at GCSE, but involves new ideas that some of the greatest minds of the millennium have produced. During AS, we offer Further Pure Core 1 & 2 and Statistics 1. During A2, we offer Further Pure Core 3 & 4 and Mechanics 1

Who is the course suitable for?

The course is suitable for hardworking young adults who enjoy mathematics. It will take you from the basic mathematical abilities learned at GCSE to the freedom, rigour and independence of A Level study. It is specifically designed to give you the skills that are crucial to your development as a young adult. These include research and analysis, independence of thought and interpretation, creativity, working as part of a team, ability to reflect on your own learning and being able to take leading role.

These skills will not only equip you for life ahead, but will act as a bridge to cross the daunting gap that many students experience between school and university.

Entry Requirements

The requirements for this course are preferably a solid Grade B GCSE in Mathematics.

Why Study?

AS in Mathematics is very valuable as a supporting subject in many courses at A Level and degree level, especially in Sciences, Geography, Psychology, Sociology and Medicine. A Level Maths is a much sought after qualification for entry to a wide variety of full time courses in Higher Education. There are also many areas of employment that see Mathematics A Level as an important or vital qualification.

Progression Opportunities

The study of Mathematics opens the doors to many varied professions. Obvious choices would be in the areas of Science, Engineering, Accountancy, Finance and Commerce. Many employers regard it as absolutely essential. To see the many varied careers that a student of Mathematics and Statistics may follow, from games programmer to weather forecasting, go to

Why Grace Academy?

Grace Academy has a range expertise and opportunities which will help you to succeed on your pathway. The staff understand the importance of allowing students to be independent and analytical and will support you every step of the way.

Students’ behaviour is good. They are friendly and respectful towards adults and each other

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