About the course

A qualification in Business opens up an incredible world of opportunities for work, not only working within the business sector but potentially leading and managing your own business.

Who is the course suitable for?

The course aims to help you develop the knowledge, understanding and skills you will require to operate successfully in a range of different business contexts.

This is a broad qualification in terms of areas of business studied, however the focus is on developing your personal and practical abilities to function effectively as a team member or leader in a business environment.

Entry Requirements

The requirements for this course include A*-C in Maths and English.

Why Study?

Business employers value employees who are able to communicate effectively both verbally and using electronic communication methods. This BTEC qualification in Business provide opportunities for you to develop your communication skills as you progress through the course. This can be both through presentations and discussions in which you have the opportunity to express your opinions. You will be encouraged to take responsibility for your own learning and achievement, taking into account industry standards for behaviour and performance. It will be beneficial to you to use local business examples wherever possible, and the academy will engage with local employers for support and input.

Progression Opportunities

Many students go on to further study in this and related fields.

These could include:

  • Roles in specialist areas such as management, marketing, finance, customer service or human resources.
  • A more general role in a small local business.

Why Grace Academy?

Grace Academy has a range of state of the art ICT suites that will support studies in this area. The staff here are highly qualified and have worked in a range of businesses in the private sector.

The Year 9 students' ambition and lack of fear is to be commended and it is evident many of them have already focused on making money from their own ideas.

Chris Hallam, Santander View our success stories