What do you do in MFL at KS3?

Throughout Key Stage 3, students currently have the opportunity to study a modern foreign language (French or Spanish). Within lessons, they are encouraged to reflect on their understanding of their own language and to then transfer this knowledge to a new foreign language.  

 They are introduced to a range of strategies to help them understand increasingly challenging written and spoken language as well as giving them the confidence to experiment with this language in their own written and spoken texts. 

 Across the three years of Key Stage 3, students will cover topics such as those listed below which are designed to prepare them for further study at GCSE and A-level, as well as igniting an interest in other cultures and studying a wider variety of languages in the future. 

 Self and family, School, Hobbies and leisure time, Towns and local areas, House and home, Holidays, Food and drink, Travel and tourism, Healthy lifestyles, Body and illnesses, Routines and life in the Target Language country. 

 How am I assessed in in MFL at KS3? 

Students will need to complete an assessment every term. Assessments cover all 4 skills: listening, reading, speaking and writing.  

 How often will I have a lesson in this subject over the two-week timetable? 

Students will have MFL three times over the two-week timetable.