The ethos of the drama department is to create empathetic and ambitious young people who care about the world; who can use role-play to communicate ideas and feelings as well as resolve problems; and who have confidence to achieve their potential.

By studying drama, students gain valuable presentation and performance skills, vital when attending college or job interviews and working in the ‘real world’. In addition to this, they will develop co-operation and collaboration skills; learn to use a variety of drama strategies to structure their work; utilise critical thinking when working in role and out of role as well as learning about some of the dynamic and diverse styles of theatre in the world today.


Course Overview

Year 7

In year 7 students focus on developing co-operation skills, collaboration skills and the principles that underpin performance. They work on devised drama and performing play scripts; are introduced to naturalism, physical theatre and theatre in education; and have opportunities to create their own scripts.

Year 8

In year 8 students build on their devising and performance skills and work with the genres of Greek Theatre, Documentary Theatre, Musical Theatre and comedy.

Year 9

Students with a keen interest in drama and theatre and with a desire to work collaboratively, can opt to take BTEC Performing Arts Tech Award in year 9. In this year we work to enhance their knowledge of the elements and medium of drama and explore how lighting and sound can enhance performed work. Students investigate historical and current topics and learn techniques to create drama with a clear viewpoint. They investigate the work of practitioner Bertolt Brecht with Epic Theatre and also go on a visit to see professional live theatre.

Year 10 – / BTEC Performing Arts Tech Award – Component 1

Students who have opted for BTEC Performing Arts Tech Award will cement skills and knowledge of drama strategies and further develop their voice and acting skills. During this year they will complete Component 1 of their BTEC which involves the investigation and researching of theatre practitioners. There is a significant practical element to this component as well as a written/presentation element. Students will attend a live theatre production to enhance their learning and understanding.

Year 11 / BTEC Performing Arts Tech Award – Component 2 & Component 3

During this year students will work on Component 2 which involves scripted performances together with rigorous written logs. The devised Component 3 is externally assessed and as well as a workshop performance before an audience, also involves two significant pieces of written work.  Students are expected to give additional time to refining performance work by attending Enrichment sessions after school.



Drama Club aimed at Years 7 and 8 is on Tuesdays 3.10-4.10pm

Year 9 Enrichment is on Wednesdays 3.10-4.00pm

Year 10 Enrichment is on Thursdays 3.10-4.00pm


Drama Club is currently involved in creating informal performance work for within school.

In the summer of 2018 there will be an exciting school production.



The Year 9 students' ambition and lack of fear is to be commended and it is evident many of them have already focused on making money from their own ideas.

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