English, at Grace Academy, is about fostering an enjoyment of the subject, whilst ensuring our students have the necessary skills to enable them to succeed in the wider world. The staff work with the pupils on transition units, establishing the right approach to making sure the students are able to access the work that characterises Key Stage 3 (Years 7&8).

Throughout Key Stage 3, students learn a variety of skills and read a range of texts from modern novels to poetry and are required to develop their reading and writing skills, as well as develop their Speaking & Listening competencies. This leads to Year 9 whereby students begin a bridging year – learning the key skills and techniques required for GCSE success; indeed, working on aspects of GCSE coursework.

In Years 10 and 11, pupils work on a range of essays and exam preparation skills in order to succeed in the Cambridge iGCSE qualifications in English Language and English Literature. These qualifications involve a combination of examinations, coursework and Speaking and Listening activities. By the end of Year 11, we hope to have all students prepared for GCSE success, being enthusiastic and independent learners, whilst underpinning our work with the Grace Academy values of grace, excellence, potential, integrity and respect.